How to Get a Hot Girl & Keep Her – Actual Conversation Overheard at the Burrito Place by a Hot Girl

So I am certain now you have heard all the recommendations by the dating gurus. They talk about how to get a hot girl would be to be confident. They go on to express cliche terms such as be an alpha male, be considered a dominant guy. They also tell you what not to do getting a hot girl like do not be a wuss, clingy, needy etc.

To be honest with you they are right, male. Some go into advanced theories about easy methods to be more alpha and life of the party. Some give brief descriptions but a lot of times these’re scenarios which wouldn’t fit you on your own personal quest on how you can get a hot woman friend.

The alternative evening I was at my personal favorite burrito spot with the girlfriend of mine & I have to say they have probably the best tostadas on the planet earth. But that’s neither here or there.

There seemed to be a group of women & guys possibly around nineteen or perhaps 20 y/o eating in there. The hot woman in the staff, you know blond, thin, big boobs and nice tan was talking about. Yep you guessed it properly, guys! Attractive ladies won’t ever have a shortage of guys so that it kind of consumes their minds.

She said anything along the lines of “John was such a pushover, I will tell him I would like you to stay home tonight & he would always say “Okay.” The okay was stated in lame undertone, this poor guy gets absolutely no respect by her, not the way to get a hot girl and after that prevent her. “Now with Mitchell when I point out that he claims “Screw you! He’s so awesome.” So much for hot woman mentality right?

Her a lesser amount of attractive however adorable and a bit chubby buddy replies “Doesn’t Mitchell go to the bar each night? I would not endure that.” Hot blond girl responds “That is exactly what he wants to do.” He simply does what he wants and likes to do and she respects him for that.

Guy #1 placed her on a pedestal since she was hot & did what she mentioned. He was riddled with insecurities I would suspect and therefore was not with her no more and certainly not respected.

Guy #2 did his own thing, didn’t take her crap and I am sure did not need her. This’s a significantly better approach for how to get a hot girl. Therefore as backwards as it sounds this guy got regard from her and she placed with it.

This by itself should be a great course directly from the horses jaws per se here on your own in ways to get a warm girl… and keep the interest of her in you also when you do get her.


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